Midcentury Modernist Tiny House Includes a Micro-Gym

This tiny residence is designed for an active couple.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes interior

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One great thing about tiny houses is that despite their smaller footprints, they aren't necessarily cookie-cutter affairs where one small size has to fit all. Indeed, in observing the fascinating evolution of tiny homes over the years, we've seen a wide range of clever customizations, some of which might include retractable roofs, beds that move up and down, stairs that slide into the wall, and rooftop patios—the sky's the limit when it comes to these versatile micro-homes.

For this couple based out of British Columbia, Canada, being able to enjoy an active lifestyle was an essential element that guided the design of their new, 362-square-foot (33-square-meter) tiny home. So yoga instructor Ashleigh Trahan and her partner Elyse turned to Spruce Grove, Alberta-based company Fritz Tiny Homes to create a truly tailored tiny residence that includes both a space for teaching yoga, as well as a home office and micro-gym.

We get a more in-depth look via this video tour from Exploring Alternatives:

The 32-foot length of the Trahan tiny house is clad with Douglas fir and black metal siding. The unique profile of the roof echoes that of traditional A-frame cabins, which has been asymmetrically truncated here to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes exterior

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As Ashleigh explains:

"The tiny home was inspired by all the things that I love, like A-frame [cabins] and mid-century modern mansions, which are completely impractical for tiny home design, but [Fritz Tiny Homes] were really able to make it work, and had a vision for creating something that looked really different and interesting in a tiny space."

The main living space inside features a large picture window that dominates a multipurpose sitting area. This living room area is also designed to be open enough to allow Ashleigh to roll out a yoga mat to practice and teach yoga remotely. The floors have radiant heating built-in, which helps to keep the interior warm and the couple's utility bills low.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes living room

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Here, we have a green velvet sofa that has been modified to include some storage drawers underneath, where the couple stores their telescopic dining table and flat-pack stools—perfect for seating up to six dinner guests.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes dining table

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The layout also includes this open plan office area, which doubles as an extra counter for eating a quick breakfast or preparing food. Underneath the concrete counter, we have some custom-built cabinetry for storing things, as well as a Blauberg Vento ERV ventilation system. Above the counter, there is a recessed light on the floating shelf for illuminating the area.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes home office

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Nearby, we have a built-in wooden storage unit to the right of the entrance, which offers ample storage space, as well as a clever closet rack that pulls out to hang up coats, and other longer items.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes pull out cloet

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The kitchen is minimalist in style but has all the essentials like a four-burner gas stove, an apartment-sized refrigerator, and a range hood that also functions as a microwave.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes kitchen

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Past the kitchen, we have the alternating tread staircase, which takes up a lot less space, and also has some storage drawers that are hidden in the steps.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes stairs

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Beyond the staircase, we have one of the more intriguing aspects of the home, namely the micro-gym that holds the stationary workout bike that Ashleigh owned prior to building the tiny home. Since she wanted to keep the bike, the builders designed a space that would include this item, as well as other smaller pieces of fitness equipment. The coffered ceiling here allows the couple to stand up on the bike during workouts.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes micro-gym

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Beside the micro-gym, we find the bathroom behind a sliding door. The layout has been refined here to fit in a spacious shower lined with slate gray and epoxy-sealed walnut wood tiles, as well as a sink and vanity, toilet, and a combination washer-dryer behind the cabinet doors.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes bathroom

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Going up the stairs, we get this lovely view out of this uniquely shaped window.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes upstairs window

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The sleeping loft is located up top, and fits a queen-sized bed, as well as some integrated storage drawers off to the side.

Trahan tiny house by Fritz Tiny Homes sleeping loft

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So far, the couple has found tiny living to be quite liberating, and are currently stationed in an RV park, where they have been able to find a sense of community with their neighbors. There's no word on the total cost of this gorgeous tiny home, as it's a completely customized build, but you can see more of what's possible over at Fritz Tiny Homes, and you can follow Ashleigh and Elyse's tiny house journey on their YouTube channel, The Curated Life.