Trade in 250 iPods, Get Yourself a 1,000 Square Ft I-House?

i-house ipod photo
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Photos via Jetson Green

Okay, so no such deal exists, explicitly. Do not contact Apple regarding said offer. However, the prospect is very real: Clayton homes is reportedly about to start marketing its manufactured home the i-House (named because of its shape, not its affiliation with Apple) for a scant 100,000 dollars, according to Jetson Green. And with some current iPods retailing at $400, well, you do the math. Even better, the homes are slated to come with a slew of green features.

i house flex photo

You could either have 250 iPod Touches, or a new, nearly 1000 square foot home that features a butterfly roof with a rainwater catchment system, bamboo flooring, decking material made from recycled content, efficient windows, and optional solar paneling.

According to Jetson Green:

"The core portion of the home is 992 square feet with bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The core is then dotted by an extended flex room and bathroom quarters, which also features an exciting rooftop deck. The configuration of the core and flex room forms an "i."
i home living room photo

And as for that price tag, don't get your hopes up yet—100 grand is just the rumored figure, and apparently marketing research is still being done. But still, providing the units pass muster under closer inspection, the prospect of cheap green manufactured houses is exciting indeed.