Touring Graham Hill's LifeEdited Apartment

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Visiting from the New York Times? Here is some background on Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment.

Visiting Graham Hill's Amazing LifeEdited Apartment

Where most people have to make lots of compromises in comfort and quality to live in New York, and give up a lot of the things that people have in bigger homes, Graham has demonstrated that you don't have to give up a damn thing.

Living area wide open/ Graham Hill

Living area wide open/ Graham Hill/CC BY 2.0

Gizmodo Visits Graham Hill's Amazing LifeEdited Apartment

From Gizmodo:

It is the project of Graham Hill, entrepreneur and founder, to come up with an ideal New York apartment—one with a small footprint, both physically and environmentally, and one that offers just as much beauty and functionality as a pad multiple times its size..... When you walk in, you encounter what is, at first glance, a small studio apartment. Within that cube are actually 8 functional spaces. The living room and office become the bedroom with a tug of a bookshelf. Open one of the closets and you'll find 10 stackable chairs that go around a telescopic dining table for large dinner parties. An entire guest room with bunk-beds and a closet is revealed behind a wall that slides out on tracks. And of course, a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom await.
lifeedited apartment dining room photo

Graham Hill/CC BY-SA 2.0

Nothing is the Next Big Thing

When I started TreeHugger in 2004, the stereotypical "environmentalist" wore torn bellbottoms, drank out of mason jars and smelled faintly of patchouli oil. Don’t get me wrong, this was not a fair description, nor would there be anything wrong if it were. But it was a stereotype lodged in the collective consciousness that kept environmentalism fringy.