Tour This Japanese City With Google's 'Dog View'

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It's always fun to look up interesting places and explore them from home via Google Street View. But when your guides are dogs, it's even better.

Now you can tour parts of Odate, a city in the Akita Prefecture of Japan with two canine pups leading the way. Odate is the birthplace of the Akita (known in Japan as the Akita-inu), a breed of Japanese dog. Probably the most famous member of the breed was Hachiko, a faithful pup who waited for his owner at the train station for nine years after his death. The loyal dog is commemorated by a bronze statue outside the Shibuya station where he waited, and another statue sits in Odate City's station.

That's just one of the places dogs Ako and Asuka take virtual visitors as they trot through the city, leading a tour of their town.

As Google Japan explains, "Odate city wanted to give visitors a snapshot of the local area and, since Akita dogs are such an important part of the city’s history and culture, they called on the help of a hardy pair of working Akita dogs — Ako and Asuka — to give their own unique perspective of a dog’s life in Akita by strapping a small camera to a dog-friendly harness on their backs."

Take a look:

The dogs seemed very eager to show off their city, from romping in the snow to ambling through the Akita Dog Museum. This is one time when you don't mind that someone's big (fluffy) head is in the way when you're trying to see the sights.