Toronto Man Creates Ice Rink 'Mona Lisa'

A snowy winter in Toronto means hours of snow shoveling for people all around the city. For one man, it became an opportunity to re-create a masterpiece.

Robert Greenfield transformed his snow-covered backyard ice rink into the "Snowna Lisa."

He posted the video above showing him turning the mounds of white powder into a cold replica of the famous "Mona Lisa" painting.

His snow-and-ice creation has generated thousands of shares across social media.

"This is not exactly a masterpiece, but I present the Snowna Lisa! Oh, you think that's bad? Wait till I tell you it should be hanging in the Igloouvre," Greenfield wrote on his Facebook page.

While Greenfield may not be the first to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, this one definitely deserves a nod for shoveling expertise.