Violent Tornadoes, Severe Weather Rip Through U.S. Plains, Midwest

Severe storms and devastating tornadoes have wreaked havoc in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas over the past few days.

The video above captures one of these intense storms in action, as storm chaser Connor McCrorey from SevereStudios gets caught in the middle of a twister.

A spate of storms and tornadoes have plagued much of the central U.S. in recent days, including a "violent" wedge tornado that struck Wednesday night in Jefferson City, Missouri, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). Another tornado reportedly led to three deaths and multiple injuries the same night near Joplin, Missouri. Even before these storms, more than 130 tornadoes had already been reported across the central U.S. over the previous five days, CNN reports.

Nearly 60 tornadoes were reported on Monday and Tuesday alone, resulting in at least four reported deaths and several injuries.

More severe weather is expected to move across many of these same areas in the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, according to AccuWeather.

Social media feeds have been filled with videos like the one above from Oklahoma as twisters popped up across the Midwest and the Southwest.

Earlier this week, the NWS reported winds topping 75 miles per hour in Oklahoma and golfball-sized hail in northwest Texas.

Aside from tornado and wind damage, experts are also worried about flooding from the relentless rain. Cities including Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Springfield, Missouri, have already seen major roadways turn into rivers within a few days.

The threat of flooding is especially severe in some places, according to the NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC), due to previous rainfall that has created dangerously waterlogged conditions. In central and northeastern Oklahoma, for example, 10 to 18 inches of rain have fallen in the past 30 days, the Washington Post reports, setting new records in some areas.

More than 40 tornadoes formed between Friday and Sunday across Nebraska and Kansas alone. Many residents began the recovery process even as they prepared for more storms.

Conditions across many of the states initially worsened over the weekend, including in DeRidder, Louisiana, as seen in the pictures above.

The NWS and other major forecasters predict this pattern of severe weather is unlikely to fade soon. The "seemingly endless threat" may stretch into Memorial Day weekend for much of the central U.S., according to AccuWeather, possibly producing isolated tornadoes as well as hail, damaging wind gusts and flash flooding.