Toray Biodegradable Fishing Line & Lure

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FieldMate fishing line is made of biodegradable polymer. After about 3 months in salt or fresh water, it decomposes through the enzymatic reactions of naturally occurring microorganisms, before eventually being reduced to water and carbon dioxide. Additionally, Toray make a biodegradable fishing lure - a worm, called the Trebiomer. It also breaks down under hydrolytic and bacterial action. The Fieldmate line comes in various weights and is about ¥1,451 or $14USD per 100m.

Although hitting the market back in 1996, neither the line (nor the worm) appear to be readily accessible, outside of Toray’s home of Japan. But there is a need for wider distribution, as The Pacific Whale Foundation point out - 100,000 metric tons of mono-filament lines and fishing gear are dumped into the ocean each year. Whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds die from ingesting or getting tangled in plastic products such as fishing line. For example, they reference a study that showed 90% of surveyed albatrosses had plastics in their intestines. ::Toray [by WM]