Top 10 Tiny Houses of 2018: Less Is Indeed More

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This past year has been a blockbuster one of sorts in terms of environmental news: a glut of natural disasters, ominous reports on the ever-shortening timeframe to fight global climate change, and the often depressing circus that passes for politics.

Yet, there is still glimmers of hope: more and more people are adopting more sustainable habits to fight climate change, like going plastic-free, zero-waste, eating less meat -- and of course, moving into smaller, more energy-efficient homes. With that said, here are the year's top ten tiny houses, showing that it is indeed possible to live a happier, fuller life with less.

10. Yoga teacher's hand-built tiny house is a warm woodland haven

Keva Tiny House

© Keva Tiny House Some of the best things are built by hand as a labour of love, such as this lovely little home for a yoga instructor out in British Columbia. Chock-full of beautiful craftsmanship, it uses reclaimed materials to create a comfortable space that includes an easy-to-transport deck and a well-designed living room with woodstove, and of course, a place to practice yoga.
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9. Clover tiny house comes with its own large 'social area'

©. Modern Tiny Living

© Modern Tiny Living

There's more than one way to design a tiny living room, and this particular tiny house has a generous seating area that's the main space for socializing, and can also transform into an extra-large guest bed. Bring on the pillow fights!

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8. The Goose is a roomy tiny house that fits up to three beds

Tiny Heirloom

© Tiny Heirloom Who said tiny houses are only for one or two people? This large tiny house is built on top of a gooseneck trailer, and includes three (count 'em, three) sleeping areas, plus the usual amenities.

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7. Let's go camping! A tour of teardrop trailers

credit: Pinterest/ BMW Isetta with Teardrop Trailer

Pinterest/ BMW Isetta with Teardrop Trailer/via Who can resist the call of the open road, especially if one can travel with one of these compact, easy-to-tow and eye-catching teardrop trailers that could be your home away from home?

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6. The Ecocapsule, the egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid and off-pipe, is real!

city view of ecocapsule

© Ecocapsule via Inhabitat Yes -- it's real -- aerodynamic and powered by the sun and wind, this sleek little number is a prefab unit that can serve as a cottage, guest house, pop-up hotel or even a charging station for electric cars.

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5. Family of 4 sheds $96K of debt by living simply in a tiny house

Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives/Video screen capture One of the big tenets and benefits behind the tiny house movement is the idea of achieving more financial freedom. Not having to take on a huge mortgage for a big house -- for space and possessions that one doesn't necessarily need -- is one of them. After some careful planning and changes to their lifestyle, this family managed to eliminate $96,000 of debt from student loans and credit cards over a period of two years, a gradual strategy that also included building their own mortgage-free tiny home.

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4. The Nest is a modern tiny house that visitors can rent

The Nest

© The Nest The idea of moving into a tiny house permanently can be daunting, so why not rent one to try it out? This gorgeous modern dwelling is located out in a historic neighbourhood in Phoenix, Arizona -- and is available for guests to come and stay for the night.

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3. Modern, high-end tiny house and RV hybrid by Land Ark

Jeremy Gudac

© Jeremy Gudac The solidly constructed and well-appointed Drake puts an end to the debate of which one is better: an RV or a tiny house? Certified as RV by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), it can be towed without a special permit.

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2. Ford Transit camper van has everything you need, including a toilet

Ford Nugget on the rocks

© Ford/ Westfalia Not all tiny houses are built on a trailer base; this camper van is a classy home-on-wheels and has a lot of bells and whistles, and even a toilet out back. Enough said.

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1. DIY dome homes built from AirCrete are an affordable & ecofriendly option

©. Steve Areen

© Steve Areen Somehow, there's nothing more entrancing than the well-rounded shape of a dome. This habitable beauty was built using AirCrete, a foamy mixture of cement and air bubbles that is lightweight, low-cost method of building that is fireproof, waterproof, and also aids in insulating the whole structure -- lots to love here.

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