Top 20 Sustainable Stocks Announced

Chipotle is doing its part for sustainability. (Photo: Mike Mozart [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

The website provides readers with daily sustainable business and investor news, a resource directory, business-to-business connections and much more. The company has recently named its choices for the 2009 Sustainable Business 20 (SB20) List: The World’s Top Sustainable Stocks.

The following companies made the list: First Solar, Vestas, Gamesa, Ormat, WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Telvent Git SA, Novozymes, Westport Innovations, Pure Technologies, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Naturex SA, United Natural, Plant Health Care, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Novo Nordisk, Google, IBM, Herman Miller, Philips and Timberland.

Google has been featured in articles here at MNN several times in recent months. In order to reduce its paper waste and increase onsite recycling, the company has implemented a no trash can rule at many of its locations. The company also uses rented goats to graze on the fields at its headquarters and the company has a plan to make renewable energy cheaper than coal.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has also been featured here at MNN, making the top 10 organic fast-food restaurants list. Chipotle not only offers organic food, but two of its locations are LEED certified – Gurnee, Ill., and Minnetonka, Minn. The Gurnee location was the first LEED Platinum certified restaurant in the United States.

The 20 businesses that made the SB20 represent several industries and are based in nine different countries including the United States, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands. Chipotle Mexican Grill, First Solar, Google, IBM, Ormat, Philips and WaterFurnace were all included in the 2008 SB20 as well.