Top 6 Reasons Why Every Garden Should Have a Pond (Video)

permaculture pond photo
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Sequestering radioactive waste with pond algae or starting up a serious backyard aquaponics set up may not be for every gardener. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a pond. In fact, says Erik Ohlsen, installing a pond is the single most important pest management practice you can incorporate. And that's just one reason among many to get digging.

From encouraging beneficial predators, to easing the noise pollution of an urban environment, ponds certainly have their uses in any garden. But who knew they can also help control the micro-climate around them, creating ecological niche's for plants that might otherwise not survive?

Add to that the production of biomass for use as a mulch, and the potential for use in irrigation, and a pond starts to look pretty darned attractive. Created by landscape design and permaculture consulting business Permaculture Artisans Network, this video is definitely a good introduction to the systems thinking needed in truly sustainable landscape management. A pond may be pretty. It may be relaxing. But ultimately it is so much more than that.