Top 10 Emerging Environmental Technologies

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TreeHugger sees a lot of different technologies that, in some way, proclaim to be part of the solution to creating a more modern, green world. We have a whole category dedicated to it, and think that some or all of it probably has a role in helping us break away from the oil-centric, fossil fuel-based energy and economic systems that rule most of the world. An article over at Live Science breaks down ten such emerging technologies; some have been around for awhile and are already making a difference, and some are a bit more out there, still emerging from the fringes to make a serious run at displacing existing "dirty" technology. From making "paper" as we know it obsolete, to allowing plants and microbes to help clean up after us to harnessing waves and tides, the list is full of ideas to make our planet a better place for all TreeHuggers to live. ::Live Science via ::Hugg