Top 30 Design Blogs & Resources for Architects

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Wish I had such a list when I was a young and impressionable architecture student who couldn't tell a green roof from Astroturf. Anyhow, things on the larger architecture scene are changing for the better, no doubt fuelled by the exponential growth of green design resources and blogs out there. Though by no means completely complete, if you're keen on getting a steady dose of the latest about design (sustainable or otherwise), or are looking for a job posting, or just need inspiration for your design projects, check out this list of helpful sites.

Top Architecture Blogs
1. A Daily Dose of Architecture: Written by John Hill, a New York City resident, architecture student and blogger.
2. BLDGBLOG: Written by Archinect team member, writer and editor for DWELL magazine Geoff Manaugh, with tidbits on design, architecture and landscape design.
3. Archinect: This site is more of a go-to point that converges a number of architecture school blogs that are worth looking through. Also has job and design competition postings for you seekers out there.
4. Death By Architecture: Run by a small team of designers who say Death By Architecture is "an understatement." Lots of information on competitions, as the title suggests. Interactive calendar, too. (Personally, I would love to sport the T-square through the heart t-shirt...)
5. Inhabitat: Always informative, always pithy, a valuable news resource on green design.
6. Interactive Architecture: Maintained by Diploma thesis tutor Ruairi Glynn as a place to collect ideas about integrating interactivity into architecture.
7. Pruned: This blog focuses on the role of landscape in design and is written by landscape architect Alexander Trevi.
8. Architecture + Morality: A civil engineer, an architect and a pastor and their musings on the connections between architecture, politics, economics and religion.
Architecture News
9. ArchNewsNow: Good site for architecture news from around the world. Sign up for their newsletter for daily updates.
10. Architecture Planet: This site collects architecture-related news from sites all over the world.
11. Modern Architecture Design News: Huge list of topics and current news.
12. Architecture Lab: Informative and well-organized online magazine with the latest in architecture news.
Green Building Resources
13. BLYGAD: Translating into "Blog Like You Give a Damn," is written by Colin Kloecker for the Architecture for Humanity in Minnesota, and focuses on creating sustainable architecture on a global scale.
14. Earth Architecture: One of my favourites, this site is a great resource on sustainable earth architecture happenings worldwide.
15. Eco Tecture: Information on green build projects in large cities like Chicago, New York and London.
16. greenbuildingsNYC: This blog covers news on the latest green buildings in NYC.

Architectural Photography (gotta see it to believe it, right?)
17. URBANPHOTO: This photo-blog has images of urban spaces, buildings and people from all over the world.
18. Offbeat Homes: Quirky homes get their fifteen minutes!

Landscape Architecture Resources
19. Free Soil: Nifty-as-heck site where you'll find ideas about effective and sustainable landscape design, organized by topic.
20. Land + Living: Latest news on landscape design issues.
21. The Dirt: News blog by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

General Resources
22. Center for Universal Design: This site provides information on the "principles of universal design" to help designer create buildings that are accessible as possible.
23. ArtLex Dictionary of Visual Art: Simple site that lets you brush up on thousands of art and architecture terms and their definitions.
24. TechStreet: Building and safety codes may not be exciting fare to read, but necessary if you actually want to build something. Find what you need here.
25. Architype Review: Site organized by information on various building typologies; there's a discussion forum, and can be a good place to comb through to generate ideas on new building types.
26. Great Buildings: From the pyramids of Giza to more recent masterworks, you can find great buildings from anytime and anywhere on this site.
27. ArchINFORM: Here you'll find a huge online database of architects and buildings which has been described as one of the most useful architecture resources on the Internet.
28. High Rise Buildings Database: All about skyscrapers.
29. World Architects: Profiles of architects, firms from New York, Germany, Austria, Mexico, China, Japan and more — covering 14 countries and then their sub-regions.
30. Jetson Green: "Design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials and green technology."