7 To-Go Coffee Mugs for Green Hot Beverages

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Dear coffee (and afternoon hot chocolate, and commute-home latte, and after-dinner tea) addicts: We know its hopeless, you can't put that hot beverage down.

But the countless paper cups, cardboard sleeves, and plastic lids that end up in landfills every day -- well how about relying on a reusable mug? Not only are they less wasteful than paper, but they're more likely to keep your drinks hot and less likely to spill.

Try one of these seven options for an eco-friendly coffee experience.

1. "I Am Not a Paper Cup"

The tongue-in-cheek "I Am Not a Paper Cup" is a drink-worthy riff on the famous "I am Not a Plastic Bag" carryall, only this time it's designed to keep your coffee hot and your clothes free of spills.

With a silicone top similar in design but not material to those stacked at your favorite coffee shop, the 10-ounce plain white ceramic cup is double-walled to keep heat in. ("I am Not a Paper Cup", $15)

2. Stanley Recycled and Recyclable Mug

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This insulated mug from Stanley is your basic black travel mug -- double-walled, 16-ounces, extra-wide drinking space -- with one big difference: The mug is made from eCycle, a mix of recycled plastics that's also recyclable.

The container and snap-off lid are both constructed from 100 percent recycled polypropylene, so they can be broken down and recycled with other number 5 plastics at the end of the mug's life. (Stanley mug, $12)

3. Adesso Stainless Vacuum Tumbler

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If the look of the mug you're using is just as important to you as the fresh, Fair Trade roast you're brewing to fill it, then Adesso's BPA-free stainless steel vacuum tumbler offers fashion and function.

It's insulated to keep your hot beverages steaming no matter how long your commute is, and the lid stores tea and sugar for you to use at you convenience. (Adesso tumbler, $20)

4. REI Recycled Camp Mug

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While the 12-ounce camp mug from REI won't fit in your car's cup holder, it's just the right size for warming your hands around the campfire after a long, chilly hike.

The mug is made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene (so, like the Stanley version, it's also recyclable) and comes in four different colors so everyone in the family can settle in with his or her own for ghost stories and s'mores. (REI Recycled Camp Mug, $6.50)

5. Thermos Sipp Travel Tumbler

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When it comes to reusable drink containers, Thermos sets the standard -- but the Sipp vacuum-insulated series isn't your dad's bulky old carafe.

These sleek, BPA-free mugs are made from stainless steel and promise a leak-proof lid that you can open and close with one hand; they also come with a tea-hook that allows you to suspend bags of your favorite herbal blend or loose-leaf infusers in the hot water for maximum brewing quality. (Thermos Sipp Travel Tumbler, $30-$33)

6. Ceramic Travel Mug

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Etsy shop A Piece by Denise offers handmade ceramics -- including these colorful mugs that come with their own insulated and leak-proof lid.

This mug isn't double-walled to hold heat in, but it's chicer and more sophisticated on your desk at work. We recommend using it to drink primarily when you're not traveling, and then popping on the lid to enjoy those last few sips after you're out the door. (Ceramic travel mug with lid, $20)

7. Ecotainer

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While we're not suggesting that you make paper cups a part of your daily life, we do realize that sometimes they're unavoidable: if you're in charge of stocking your office's coffee station, if you're hosting a party for out-of-towners who need coffee for the road, if you left your travel mug at work.

And in those situations, the Ecotainer Hot paper cup is a more eco-minded alternative to traditional paper: It's petroleum-free (the lining is made from corn) and chlorine-free; the paper comes from sustainably-harvested trees; and they'll break down in your compost pile. (Ecotainer, $10 for a pack of 50)