"Glamper" Tiny Houses Built With Hot Tubs for Luxurious Vacationing

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Tiny homes come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. While some may build ultra-tiny houses for a few thousand dollars, others may be inclined to spend more for luxuries that still fit into the tiny house genre. Of course, it depends on one's definition of what "living with less" may mean. For Warwickshire, UK-based Tinywood Homes, building wood-fired hot tubs is part of their business, so it seemed inevitable that they would combine one of these luxuries with their high-end tiny home building service.

Started by Aidan Reeve and a friend in 2012 who wanted to experiment with building a home out of a 20-foot shipping container, Tinywood Homes has since evolved onto building custom-made tiny homes, hot tubs, and gazebos. They also offer tiny home rentals in the area. Here are three images of the Tinywood Two, one of their intermediate models.

Based on this first shipping container footprint, the 20-foot Tinywood Three is the largest and latest evolution of their tiny home models, offering space for up to eight people to sleep (five up in the loft, and three in the ground floor level sofa and chair beds). It's equipped with a generous kitchen and woodstove-heated living room on the first floor.

Of course, some of us may rightly question the environmental impact of having a hot tub with a smaller footprint -- after all, what is the point of downsizing if you incorporate an appliance that uses so much water? However, such a set-up could potentially fall under the category of "sustainable decadence" if certain measures are taken, say, by building the entire thing out of recycled materials.

In any case, this falls under the category of tricked-out tiny homes that are aimed squarely at those who have the cash to splurge, or those who are interested in owning and offering these as "glamping" rentals. All the Tinywoods are small enough to be hauled by truck, and the Tinywood Three is offered in an off-grid version, equipped with composting toilet, a water tank, and solar power. It is on the pricey side, and currently sells for £35,000 ($57,000 USD), and is available only in the UK for now. Check out more info over at Tinywood Homes.