Loft-Less 160 Sq. Ft. Tiny House for People Who Hate Climbing

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Exterior of small tiny home on wheels

Tiny Home Builders / Youtube

The idea of downsizing for financial and emotional freedom appeals to many, but some may find some tiny house designs a bit too sappy, or the stuffy, low-clearance reality of a sleeping loft a bit too uncomfortable or even unsafe. So it's always interesting to see builders offer alternatives, like this small studio-style dwelling by Florida-based Tiny Home Builders that does away completely with the loft.

The bed is tucked away under a raised platform instead. When not in use, it acts as a rather comfy-looking living room sofa. And when pulled out, it's generously sized, and plenty of head room. (Of course, the downside is that one has to put the bed away every morning -- unless you like sitting and working from bed all day.)

Looking to the side, we discover that the stairs follows the same pull-out principle, hiding storage space -- a lot of it.

There's a closet space here for hanging clothes, and a bathroom outfitted with a 36-inch shower, and a storage loft above.

Overall, the unique layout does look like it gives a sense of spaciousness in a small space of 160 square feet (8' x 20'), creating a nice balance between an open, modern feel and the domestic comforts of home. According to the website, founder Dan Louche started Tiny Home Builders back in 2009 after constructing a tiny home for his elderly mother. Seems like the Tiny Studio's design is a great option for those with limited mobility or who absolutely hate climbing up ladders just to go to bed. Check out more over at Tiny Home Builders.