1,000 Tiny Religious Metal Figures Recycled Into Captivating Plate in Mexico

Plate From Recycled Religious Figures Photo
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Walking around any city or small town in Latin America, you'll usually find at least one of these laying on the street somewhere: small religious metal figures used as offerings or tokens of gratitude to saints.

Mexican designer Mariana Armella collected over 1,000 of them and melted them into this dish.As A Seis notes, the plate doesn't say much from far away but a closer look at it shows details of the individual figures, giving the object more meaning.

Plate From Recycled Religious Figures Photo

Even though you could argue it falls into the useless recycled crafts we don't need more of category, I think this piece in particular is contradictory and makes you reflect both on some of our cultural habits and also about certain tiny objects that take resources, energy and time to create, and sometimes escape our attention.

Plate From Recycled Religious Figures Photo

Armella is a current part of Mexican design star Emiliano Godoy's team.

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