Tiny Madrid Flat Has Plenty of Tricks Up Its Well-Concealed Sleeves [Video]

Hammocks! Swings! Disco balls! Trapdoors! Moveable Walls! Floating picnic tables! Secret tea rooms!

I wouldn't go as far to say that this funhouse of a garret apartment in Madrid will, to quote the Huffington Post, "change your mind about tiny living." However, this really cleverly refurbished, 620-square-foot attic dwelling dubbed Didomestic does looks like a killer place to get buzzed on red wine and have a quick dance party with your BFF.

More importantly, I'm guessing that living in a space that involves the constant pulling, cranking, adjusting, opening, and closing of secret compartments hidden in the floors and walls would be most beneficial for building upper arm strength. And this could have very well been the plan all along considering that the same Madrid-based firm responsible for the JF Kit House, a people-powered pop-up micro-home that doubles as an homage to aerobics goddess Jane Fonda, is behind this particular project that revolves around the design ethos of "every house is a theater."

Via [Co.Exist] via [Huffington Post]

Promo image: Miguel de Guzmán