You can take your office with you if it's in a trailer

interior of trailer
© stør via FIVE AM

A lot of time is wasted going from office to job site. Belgian designers FIVE AM have figured out one solution: an office in a trailer. They have designed a clever and flexible one:

#dojowheels is a mobile training facility or dojo as a working tool, which is a perfect reflection of our vision on working (together). It can easily change its setup to offer the user the most pratique [sic] surrounding. The flat surface acts as a bed, couch and table with storage available underneath.

I am not totally convinced that the raised floor was the right thing to do, given that you probably can longer can stand up in the trailer. However it does provide a lot of flexibility, with the pop-up table.

Bed mode. Found on Designmilk.

This is not the first of these shown on TreeHugger; a few years back we showed landscape architect Andreas X. Stavropoulos of Landscape firm XS|LA's mobile office in a trailer.

Equipped with a drafting table, small library, solar power, and wifi, the studio provides a comfortable, functional, and elegant mobile design and job site office that is easily towed behind a car.

I find the difference between the two striking; the converted travel trailer is harder to get into and I think less useful than Andreas' conversion of what looks like a typical working trailer, lower to the ground and easy to get into. Which would you rather work in?

You can take your office with you if it's in a trailer
Belgian design firm FIVE AM builds an office to go.

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