World's largest tiny house gathering happening this weekend in Colorado Springs

Tiny House Jamboree
© Tiny House Jamboree

Let's face it, despite their ample fanfare and press, tiny houses are still a pretty fringy thing (outside Portland that is). One of the big obstacles preventing tiny house living from entering the mainstream is the tiny house dwellers themselves. These folks are often attracted to the housing type in large part because they want to avoid the mainstream and all its wasteful, usurious ways. As such, a groundswell of public interest and the consequent advocacy necessary to bring them into the American consciousness and housing cannon has been slow to come (outside Portland that is). The Tiny House Jamboree this weekend (August 7-9) in Colorado Springs might be one small step toward generating that groundswell. With over 9K attendees already registered to come, it's looking to be the world's largest tiny house event to date. Moreover, because it's part of the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, it will expose a bunch of normies to the charms to tiny living (or demerits I suppose).

There will be talks by folks like Jay Shafer, Deek Diedricksen and other luminaries in tiny house world. There will be scores of tiny house building companies and other related vendors set up as well, making it a great event for people looking to kick some tires of their prospective downsized homes.

Visit their website for more info and head over to LifeEdited for an interview with one of the event organizers.

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