Winter cabin has very limited access

Ofis Cabin
© Janez Martincic via Designboom

Buckminster Fuller once asked “how much does your house weigh?” It doesn’t matter to most people but it certainly did to OFIS architects in Slovenia, who designed this winter cabin at the top of a mountain.

Designboom notes that the site is accessible only by climbing or by helicopter, so it was prefabbed on the ground and then carried up by chopper, where weight is a serious issue-" The modules and loads are prepared according to the maximum weight and equilibrium limits." It wasn’t easy; according to the architects,

The cabin settlement and transportation was an extremely difficult task. It was realized by the Slovene Armed Forces helicopter crew. Bad weather and unexpected turbulences lead to the cabin being placed and fixed on site at the third attempt. However, the challenge of the project is to gain new knowledge through unexpected weather conditions.

It is made of Cross Laminated Timber, insulated with rock wool and clad in aluminum; given its location, the climbing wall inside seems a bit superfluous. It is perched really close to the edge on a minimal foundation, and held in place by cables. Let’s hope the engineers got it right:

The area of Kanin is known for rainfall and extreme snow records. During the winter more than 10 meters of snow can fall. Strong rainstorms and winds can hit this place – rainfall record in Bovec for one day is 363 litres/m2. Mountain area is full of caves and abysses, earthquakes occasionally occur.

There is no mention of what people who have to look at this from below are thinking. When Tom Kundig built a modern cabin at the top of a mountain in Washington State, the neighbours went nuts.

However this is rather smaller and sort of blends in. Lots more photos on Designboom.

Winter cabin has very limited access
You can climb Slovenia's Mount Kanin or take a helicopter.

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