Virtual company gets a real world office, a Mobile Work Unit

Coroflot trailer
© Los Ossos

Many TreeHugger posts have featured designers and products found on Core77 or Coroflot, a site “committed to providing the space and opportunity for creative professionals and hiring companies to find each other.” Co-founder Eric Ludlum tells Designboom that “coroflot is a virtual community, but the connections between employers and people seeking work, those are real world connections. ‘we felt it was important to introduce a real world component into what coroflot does.” So they got themselves a very cool box to work in.

The design by Laurence Sarrazin of the Los Osos design studio, it is essentially a trailer, a Mobile Work Unit. It is built of locally sourced douglas fir with a post and beam structure and with interior framing that supports the Stix office system which fulfils a range of functions- shelves, desks, displays. She tells Interior Design Magazine:

That project is the most me of anything I’ve done, because it’s halfway between product design and architecture. We wheeled a trailer in here and built the structure, in place, over a 10-day period. The thing I’m most excited about is that the construction is post-and-beam, which alleviates the wall’s function as a structure. So I used polycarbonate as siding, which allows all this light to come in while offering an acoustical barrier.

According to Designboom,

Brackets, holes and hooks along the frame mean that furniture can be arranged in an endless number of ways. Tables can turn into shelves, benches into desks, workspaces and kitchenettes can pop up and disappear in no time at all. the result is an office space that is dynamic, responsive and constantly experimenting — much like the people who work there.

It does look like a nice place to work; TreeHugger needs something like this. But there are many things I do not understand; currently it is “tucked away inside an old ambulance garage, but can hit the road at a moment’s notice.“ But can it really? It is completely clad in polycarbonate, Polygal, which has an R Value of 1.8. (there is a high-R panel that gets up to R 5.5 but it looks like they used the standard here).

The Making of: Coroflot – Office on Wheels from Los Osos on Vimeo.

The video shows that floor is insulated with rock wool, but with polycarbonate walls and what looks like a flat polycarbonate roof that might barely slow down water, this Mobile Work Unit is going to want to stay inside where it is warm and dry and not too sunny. It is more an idea of a trailer than actually a practical useable trailer.

But it is a really nice idea of a trailer, the integration of furnishing with structure is a wonderful idea too; just don’t leave it outside.

Virtual company gets a real world office, a Mobile Work Unit
is it a trailer? Or an office? Yes.

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