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August is arguably the best month for tiny houses, at least in the north and west where you can get outside and really enjoy the outdoors. That's when they take all the beautiful photographs. Readers sometimes complain that we show far too many of these, but who couldn't fall in love with a cabin in the woods in August. So before summer passes into memory, here are the most popular tiny houses of the month:

1. Couple builds their own adventurous 204 sq. ft. modern shed home

Shedsistence© Shedsistence

This one is interesting because it also shows how tiny houses are really a fully legal construct. Here, it is not on a chassis, but it is built to the dimensions of a tiny house on wheels because that's what the law says. At least, where this one was built, there is a law that permits them, which is a start. More in TreeHugger.

2. Yoga teacher's hand-built tiny house is a warm woodland haven

Keva Tiny House© Keva Tiny House
This one is totally cute, and with a great discussion in comments about those stupid laws, and whether people can actually live in something this small full time. More in TreeHugger.

3. French tiny house L'Odyssée has a different take on the living room

Baluchon© Baluchon
Mais Oui! This one is interesting, with an odd bedroom at the bottom that makes some sense. It is a headbanger, but at least you don't fall out of a loft and kill yourself. More in TreeHugger

4. Off-grid Autonomous Tents are made for luxurious camping

Autonomous Tents© Autonomous Tents
OK, it's a tent, not a tiny house. It's not a self-build but it "is made out of a hi-tech, rot- and mildew-resistant fabric attached to a frame that's capable of tolerating snow loads of up to 30 pounds per square foot and 90-miles-per-hour winds." It's not an alternative way of living, but is designed for "glamping"- that horrible idea where rich people pretend to be camping. A commenter suggested a better title for the post: "Pretentious Tent Cabin for People that Spend Their Money on Ridiculous Objects Because They Don't Have Any Imagination" More in TreeHugger but don't read the comments.

5. Rural Design Architects design a tiny, simple cabin that was self-built by owners

roof in the hills© David Barbour via Dezeen
In retrospect, I should not have put this in the Tiny House category, it's small but is a lot bigger than what the term tiny house has come to mean. But it it is really liveable and if the laws in America were not so stupid, we would have more of these instead of 8'-6" wide pretend houses that are actually trailers. More in TreeHugger

6. Tiny houses vs. campers & trailers: Which is better? (Survey)

Tiny Texas Homes / Moby1 Teardrop Trailer© Tiny Texas Homes / Moby1 Teardrop Trailer
This is actually not from August, but covers some of the issues and problems of tiny house living and started a great discussion, so I am putting it in here anyway. More in TreeHugger.

7. Basecamp tiny home has huge roof deck built for mountain climbers

Backcountry Tiny Homes© Backcountry Tiny Homes
This one is really interesting, because it is so lavish and over the top, the McMansion of tiny homes, that it raises all kinds of questions. The tiny home movement started with people who wanted to build their own little place and live mortgage free and under the radar. They were built to trailer dimensions so that they would be sorta legal, certainly in a gray area, and if you got in trouble you could always move. This must have cost more than most houses, with every comfort, but it is still too narrow to swing a cat and you have to sleep in a headbanger loft. To me, there is something wrong with this picture. More in TreeHugger.

8. Eco-shed wins the Shed of the Year competition

winner© Readersheds/ the winner in front of the West Wing
In the UK, where they have different silly housing rules than we have in North America, there is a vibrant shed culture that has been happening ever since indoor plumbing created room at the back where the privy used to be. They do great things, and there is even an annual competition. This year, the eco-shed won. More in TreeHugger

9. Lightweight TigerMoth winged camper adapts to nimble travelers

TigerMoth© TigerMoth
Designed by a NASA engineer who worked on space station design, this is light and lovely. It's not a tiny house, but hey, if you are going to tow something, this is a whole lot easier. More in TreeHugger

10. This shipping container house is designed to move

box colsed up Living big in a tiny house/Video screen capture
Hey that's not a tiny house, it's a shipping container! But in fact, there is a tiny house inside, built by a boat-builder, that for me makes more sense than all the shipping container houses and tiny houses I have seen in a while. Because shipping containers were designed to move. More in TreeHugger.

26. Tiny cabin in the woods makes you wish for an endless summer

cabin with deck© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

OK this didn't make the top 10 of August or even the top 20. But as summer ends, I just thought it was the perfect photo to end on too. Have a happy September! . More in TreeHugger

The top tiny houses of August
August is the best month for tiny houses and here are the best tiny houses of August.

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