The top 10 tiny houses of 2015

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We keep saying that when it comes to tiny houses, it takes a village. So imagine what it would be like if one built a tiny house community out of the ten most popular tiny houses of 2015.

10: Island tiny home built from bottles, bones and beach debris

Yalte seasideLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

I am thrilled that this one squeezed on to the top ten list, this stack-wall gem designed and built by Netonia Yalte on Haida Gwaii. I had the pleasure of spending a night in it:

Sleeping in a space without electricity on a totally silent beach on a remote island behind thick walls, it was the quietest night I have ever spent. The light filtering through the bottles and windows this morning from the rising sun was a glorious sight. It was a truly memorable experience.

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9: Man builds amazing treehouse home with its own skatepark

Foster Huntington© Foster Huntington
A commenter says it all:
This is amazing but I also find it pretty funny. A tree hugger saying "All I need in life is a house in a tree and a skateboard pool and 170K to make it all work"
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8: Man builds low-cost tiny home with recycled materials for $500

Scott Brooks / Brendan McGarry© Scott Brooks / Brendan McGarry
As we've seen with glamper microhomes and high-end, luxurious tiny homes (that come with their own high-end price tag), smaller spaces aren't always as affordable as one may think. However, using salvaged materials and gifted items will keep costs down, as Pacific Northwest resident Scott Brooks did with his tiny home, which he built for "well below" USD $500.
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7: A clever way to get around the rules against tiny houses

This was a totally silly post about an imaginary tiny house designed to get around all the stupid rules that municipalities have to ban tiny houses. Tiny houses are not for everyone, but they shouldn't be illegal. More in TreeHugger

6: Woman builds Hawaii tiny off-grid vacation home for $11,000 (Video)

Kristie Wolfe© Julie Fitts
Here is a real benefit to tiny houses: you might be able to afford two of them and even put one of them in Hawaii. The combined square footage is still less than a normal house. More in TreeHugger.

5: Talented architect tackles the tiny house and comes up with a mini gem

Traveler exterior© Traveler
Tiny houses are defined by the rules that govern them; to get classed as a Recreational Vehicle you cannot be wider than 8'-6". Here, a talented architect and builder who previously reinvented the Park Model, another legal description, go after the RV world. Not cheap but very comfortable with full size appliances and bathroom. More in TreeHugger

4: This tiny house carved out of a single tree could be in Hobbiton instead of Haida Gwaii

wotten cottage exteriorLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

What can I say, I totally fell in love with Noel Wotten's music room. More in TreeHugger

3: Hefty 224 sq. ft. little house doesn't feel tiny at all

Built by tiny housers Shelley and Joshua, here is one 224-square-foot tiny abode that looks almost like a regular-sized house, thanks to a few decisions that they made before starting: like keeping a regular-sized fridge, having a generous countertop, and installing a lovely floating stair instead of a ladder.
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2: Ecocapsule is the egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid and off-pipe

I was frankly a bit dubious about this one, but it is a very pretty bit of vaporhouse. But it sure was popular!

Everything needs supporting infrastructure; waste tanks have to be emptied, gas bottles for cooking have to be filled. Truly going off grid is hard work, a lot more than just airdropping an egg. But hey, it is lovely to look at.

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1: Grand 280 sq. ft. Oregon tiny home is influenced by Japanese design

Chris Heininge© Chris Heininge

One could spend a lifetime trying to figure out why certain posts get so popular. Take our Number One tiny house of the year; close to 300,000 people looked at this one, about half of whom complained about how much it cost. I am showing the interior, which is admittedly lovely, because the exterior is, well, banal. But there you go. More in TreeHugger.

The top 10 tiny houses of 2015
From a stackwall on an island to a skateboard park with a treehouse.

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