Tiny Swiss cabin seems to sing "Love me like a rock"

There is something go be said for blending in with the landscape, for subtlety and modesty in design. We have discussed what happens when you stick out too much, like Tom Kundig's cabin on Flagg Mountain in Washington; now Designboom shows a cabin that does the opposite, actually hiding in a rock.

Swiss design firm Bureau A claims that it is part of a Swiss tradition of hidden bunkers and military infrastructure, "referencing the writing of french philosopher Paul Virilio in 1975 on bunker archaeology and principles of camouflage — themes which have long since fascinated the architects."

Cabin interior photo© Dylan Perrenoud via Designboom

Inside, it has fold-down bed-sized benches and a table which folds up to cover a tiny window, and a fireplace. No word on where one goes to the bathroom, I guess behind another rock.

bureau A sites stone-shaped wooden cabin in the swiss alps from designboom on Vimeo.

The sound track to the video is the Rolling Stones' Heart of Stone; I think Paul Simon's Love me like a Rock would have been more appropriate. More images at Designboom.

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