A tiny house in the trees: Dom'Up is a beautiful suspended treehouse for adults

Dom'Up suspended treehouse
© Trees and People

This little shelter, which can be built in less than two days, is designed to be suspended between two trees, without leaving a trace on them. It's either a great little low-impact tiny treehouse, or a really expensive suspension tent, depending on how you look at it.

For the ultimate in getaway cabins, the Dom'Up suspended treehouse offers a unique arboreal living experience to its residents, without harming the trees that it's hanging from.

Trees and People takes a page from the "leave no trace" book with this octagonal tiny house platform, which uses a proprietary suspension and anchor system to suspend itself between two trees, distributing the weight of the structure without damaging the trees.

The 172 sq ft (16 sq m) Dom'Up shelter, which has a galvanized steel frame, wood floors, canvas walls, and a roof made from heavy duty waterproof tarp material, features a safety rail around the outer perimeter, as well as a "fall arrest net," and is said to be "an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to treehouses."

Designed by Bruno de Grunne, a Dutch arborist, and Nicolas d'Ursel, an architect, the Dom'Up can be installed in less than two days, without using a crane, and is said to be "half the price" of equivalent cabins. The concept, which won some financial support from the Creative Wallonia program, is shown in the video below (which is in French):

According to Gizmag, the price for a Dom'Up is €25,000 ($28,215 USD), excluding installation, which is certainly cheaper than many of the cabins on the market, and is available for purchase worldwide. Find out more at Dom'Up or Trees and People.

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