Tiny house pioneer wants to help you start a salvaged materials tiny home business

salvaged materials tiny house
CC BY 2.0 Nicolás Boullosa

The creator of Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living wants to help people start tiny house companies that use salvaged building materials.

If you've been looking for an opportunity to build a green business that reuses and repurposes existing resources, that has the potential to help solve a very real issue for many people (high housing costs), and that capitalizes on the popularity of tiny houses, you may want to jump on this offer.

Brad Kittel, one of the pioneers of the tiny house movement who has focused his efforts on building tiny homes almost completely from salvaged building materials, is looking for a dozen or so people (or groups) who want to start their own version of his business in their area, and he's willing to jumpstart the process by supplying "a giant stock" of materials, as well as offer his guidance to the project.

Kittel lays out the case for establishing what he calls Pure Salvage Outposts, which would build and supply tiny houses according to the building standard set by his business (using 95% salvaged materials in the builds, and using as few new or imported materials as possible), across the country, on his blog:

"Houses could be built with groups of like minded people participating, even being able to store the materials they accumulate for their home until ready, and then bringing in family from around the country for a house raising party, just like the old days when people cared about their neighbors instead of not even knowing their names as is the case in subdivisions all over America. We have lost something we can get back. Independence from the federal government handouts to get by is a way of life in the past, and now, 42,000,000 people are on Food Stamps just to survive. It will not get better if we do not come up with new ways of creating industry in America that will provide jobs for the masses. This will do it as the inventory we need is already out there where the people are, not needing to be imported and run through a big box store." - Kittel

These Pure Salvage Outposts could function as cooperatives, or as an adjunct to a vocational program in a school system, or as community centers, and could be an excellent way to repurpose the materials that are already manufactured and sitting idle, so to speak, in old buildings and structures around the country. They could also be viable green economy businesses that generate local income from local resources, and that create green jobs and training opportunities for young and old alike.

"Imagine an old Walmart being turned into a Pure Salvage Outpost where a dozen houses could be getting built simultaneously indoors, without a need to really heat them up, light them up, and pretend they are doing the town good by selling cheap toxic imported stuff. Instead they could be community centers that teach people how to take care of their bodies, create their homes, and allow each person to contribute as they might. A person in a wheel chair can help sell, instruct, and play a role just as well as someone young and strong, sometimes in fact, offer much more, for it is the knowledge, wisdom, energy of soul, and experience that they may have which few others possess that could help bond the group together." - Kittel

The materials that would go into building these tiny houses could be salvaged (with permission, of course) from some of the many abandoned, dilapidated, or otherwise unlivable buildings that dot the country. In some areas, there may not be a huge amount of buildings to source materials from, so it might not be quite as simple as in other areas, where houses, barns, sheds, and even commercial buildings are standing vacant, in part because of the country-to-city migrations that have been happening for the last few decades. As Kittel puts it, "We are given more houses and barns to take down that we could ever hope to get to, and I am done with taking them down, so pick up the slack and lets get going."

Find out more about this tiny house opportunity at Pure Salvage Living, and if you're interested in pursuing it, send an email to Brad @ Tinytexashouses.com. And hurry, because you'll already be behind me in line...

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