The Tiny House Movement goes social with its own dating site

Tiny House Dating
Screen capture Tiny House Dating

When my wife and I first invited my mom to see our tiny geodesic dome in the woods near Dorset, Ontario she noted that it was a good thing we married each other, and saved two other people from such a fate. It's a lifestyle that isn't for everyone, let alone every couple.

Now, if there was any doubt remaining that there actually is a real Tiny House Movement, here's proof: It now has its own dating site. At Ken Griswold's Tiny House Blog, he interviews Kai Rostcheck, who founded the Tiny House Dating site, and asks why?

While researching the tiny house movement, I noticed several themes. One of them was that “other people” just don’t understand our values. Tiny House Enthusiasts on several different blogs and forums commented that they are confident and fulfilled by decisions they have made on their own, but when it comes to companionship something’s missing. They were having a hard time meeting people who shared their perspective on what’s important, so first dates rarely went much further.

No doubt in comments people will suggest quite a few reasons why, like who in their right mind would want to share 200 square feet in the middle of nowhere. However as more and more people look at this option, as more jurisdictions welcome and legalize tiny houses and permit the development of tiny house communities, these preconceptions will change. Check out the scene at Tiny House Dating.

The happy couple at the top of the Tiny House Dating page appear to be Andrew and Crystal, who were on TreeHugger here.

Tiny House Parking

Tiny house parkingTiny house parking/Screen capture

The Tiny House Blog also recently covered Tiny House Parking, that tries to address the biggest problem with tiny houses, which is "Where do I put the thing?" It's a work in progress that I had serious trouble navigating. However, just checking out the areas around where I live, the site is populated by people who are considering tiny house living but need a place to put it, and are looking in places where it is totally illegal.

The fact is, back yards do not have plumbing and the cost of installing it is prohibitive. Fire departments and zoning officials are not interested. Even where there are back lanes and easy access, NIMBYs conspire to keep it illegal. Tiny house owners are rugged individualists but until there is a larger movement of people working together to solve these problems, tiny houses are going to be a tiny niche.

The Tiny House Movement goes social with its own dating site
It had to happen at some point, but whether there is the critical mass is another story.

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