Tiny house lovers can tie the knot in the Tiny Chapel

Tiny House Wedding
via Tiny Chapel Weddings

For the couple that wants to avoid a big wedding and all the trappings of large event venues, Tiny Chapel Weddings offers a decidedly smaller way to get married. Capitalizing on the tiny house trend with a small non-denominational chapel, this 100-square foot structure is complete with pointed arch windows and a steeple. The chapel belongs to Bil Malbon, who is a retired minister from Richmond, Virginia.

According to the Tiny Chapel Weddings website, the mobile chapel can hold 20 to 25 people, and also has a small bathroom perfect for last-minute primping to get photo-ready.

PSFK suggests that “Tiny Chapel Weddings give eloping in Vegas a run for its money,” with 30 minute rentals going for $100 to $150 for couples within an hour of Richmond. For a higher price tag you can rent more time or a bring the chapel to a further location. There are also packages that include photography and bubbly toasts. The chapel-on-the-go could make many locations fit for a ceremony, from backyards to a parks (assuming tiny house parking is permitted).

It’s debatable whether driving a small chapel a long distance will result in a lower carbon footprint than other venues. After all, outdoors-y, rustic chapels that don’t have any energy needs at all do exist, but a tiny house wedding with 20 or so special guests is likely to have a smaller impact than a bigger event. It could definitely be a more affordable option than a traditional venue, considering that couples in Richmond on average spend between $14,700 to $24,500 for weddings with just around 100 guests, according to the website Cost of Wedding.

And for people obsessed with tiny houses who haven’t yet found their life partner, there’s always the Tiny House Dating site.

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