Tiny house construction company cooks up a new model

tiny house exterior
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter

Tiny homes continue to be such an attraction, such a dream for people, many of whom lined up at Toronto's National Home Show to see this new offering from the Tiny House Construction Company. It's an interesting and thoughtful design from this new Canadian company.

setup in snow© Tiny House Construction Company

There are all kinds of limitations on designs of tiny houses built on trailers. They cannot be more than 8'-6" wide, they have to fit under bridges, and it's better if they are under 10,000 pounds so that they can be towed legally by a pickup truck with a conventional drivers licence. If you are building for Canada you need good insulation and windows.

kitchen© Tiny House Construction Company

When you have those kinds of limitations, you have to figure out the priorities; this particular design seems to prioritize cooking, with the kitchen taking up more than half the livable space. Other designers might have made the kitchen much smaller and the seating area larger.

view to bath© Tiny House Construction Company

Beyond the kitchen is a very comfortable bathroom with shower, low volume toilet and sink.

seating area© Tiny House Construction Company

In fact it seems odd to have a kitchen bigger than I have seen in many apartments (Bigger than food writer Mark Bittman's New York kitchen!) and such a dinky fold-down dining room table. But no doubt these are all things that can be changed as these are built to order, and this is the shortest model. They have also created three tiers of pricing (and three lengths, 16', 20' and 24') so you can order it without anything inside and finish it yourself.

tiny house loftLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Up the ladder is the usual headbanger loft, but at least it is a shed so that you get more height at one end instead of in the middle like the gable lofts provide. And there are opening windows at the highest point- this is critical in summer when these lofts can get very hot. The ladder is installed library-style so that it can slide along the pipe rail, which is useful in a shed loft, you do not want to be climbing in at the low end where the ladder is stored.

ktichen view© Tiny House Construction Company

It's nicely finished with high quality materials, and insulated with Wall-tite sprayed polyurethane foam. The specifications note that it comes with a "low flush toilet with septic or portable external holding tank hook-up". This is the bane of the tiny home: you either put it somewhere with a septic hookup, use a composting toilet or have a holding tank that you have to take and dump somewhere. It's the same with the heating and electricity; this unit comes with " full 50A or split 30A/propane" which means you will need a place to plug it in. These are the fundamental limitations on the tiny house movement- power and poop.

You can see it on the faces of people as they line up and when they ooh and ahh over such a cute tiny home; there is an appeal to the concept, something inherently attractive about it. Then they ask where they can put it, and the fantasy fades a bit. However the Tiny House Construction Company also offers it in a "Bunkie" version without a chassis: that's an accessory building without a kitchen that people have at their summer cottages, which I suspect will be the biggest market for this lovely tiny house.

interior from kitchenLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Tiny house construction company cooks up a new model
It's all about where you put your priorities.

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