Tiny cabin in the woods makes you wish for an endless summer

Topanga cabin exterior
© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

As summer wanes, this little cabin in the woods designed by Mason St. Peter looks particularly enticing. He designed and built it after a visiting a friend's studio in Topanga Canyon, California.

cabin with deck© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

We instantly fell in love with the place. There were a few day use studios on the property but none of them were available. We started a dialogue with the owner and he encouraged us to build our own space with his materials. We initiated the task of clearing the site, cataloging the materials and beginning construction in the spring of 2011.

ladder to loft© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

After a few years it was done, and there are some really good ideas for small spaces. He tells Archdaily:

The Topanga cabin is an off grid structure constructed of 80% re-used materials. Sited to maximize southern exposure in a heavily wooded area, the cabin functions to allow air flow on 2 sides with the use of large operable doors and repurposed sliding glass panels. A desk and small loft area provide functionality for living and working.

cabin with desk© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

It's what we in the north call a "bunkie"- there does not appear to be a kitchen or a bathroom. In the UK they would call it a shed. But it does have a big table with a beautiful view,

ladder to loft toward desk© Mariko Reed via Archdaily

It has an interesting combination storage and ladder to the loft, which is a bit of a head-banger, not much room to sit up in, but I love the windows.

It's not much, but it demonstrates that in fact you don't need very much when you have a big deck, beautiful forests, California weather and I assume not too many bugs; build this in Ontario where I am in my cabin, without screens, and you would be eaten alive.

Topanga cabin plan© Mason St. Peter

Tiny cabin in the woods makes you wish for an endless summer
It is a beautiful small space to live and work.

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