Sunken shed hides under green roof

Graphic Designers Pam & Jenny needed a studio but didn't want to eat up their whole yard, so architects l'escaut built it partially submerged into the ground in Uccle, Belgium. It's quite lovely.

interior showing stove© L'escaut

Using the same proportions and materials, the workshop flows in continuity with the main house while its partial burying hides the volume and preserves the leafy environment.

Pam & Jenny workshop boardroom© L'escaut

I am a sucker for plywood, It has a real warmth that you just don't get out of paint and drywall. If it ever floods down there it will suffer a lot less damage than other materials. Here they have light, air, lots of room and it doesn't take up the whole yard. Nice. More at l'escaute, cooperative of Architects.

Pam & Jenny workshop table © L'escaut

Tags: Belgium | Less Is More


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