Stair(s) of the week solve an old loft design problem

view of loft
© Norbert Juhász

It's a perennial problem in designing for places with small lofts: if two people are sharing a bed, somebody is usually climbing over someone as the stairs serve only one side of the bed. Someone gets easy access and the other doesn't. Hungarian architects Batlab solve the problem: They put a stair up each side.

Aiming for equality, they told Designboom: "we were trying to validate design and functionality equally, which resulted in our trying to achieve such consistency and homogeneity that can as well incorporate male and female differences."

It actually makes a great deal of sense: they get a lot of storage under the stairs, they raise the bed section so that it is easy to climb into, they put glass along the end for safety.

And you will always find your way in the dark. More photos at ArchDaily and Designboom.

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