Stair of the week is for skinny people only

narrow stair
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Torsten Ottesjö has designed a very tiny apartment in Gothenberg, Sweden; it's 183 square feet with a 12' celing. It is not quite clear how this all works, " an intricate, multi-leveled nest, comprised of two stairways, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, a fully-equipped kitchen, an office, a closet, a living room/guest bedroom and dining area."

It looks like this very narrow alternating tread stair leads up to a sleeping area over the kitchen. There are no plans on the architect's website so it is hard to figure it out exactly. In fact, the architect plans it that way, making it hard to figure out:

The way each section contorts and folds into such a small space is mind-boggling…and that is exactly the point. Ottesjö deliberately creates complex living playgrounds which destabilize the mind: one doesn’t understand his work intellectually, one moves through it intuitively.

The architect writes on his website:

The light that seeps in between the walls’ wood panels creates a coziness and an airiness that have become a signature of Ottesjö’s style, making heavy materials light, and small spaces vast. This creation is also a bold and beautiful plea for living in a simpler, more resource-conscious way. By creating small livable places with local inexpensive materials, this apartment serves as a powerful example of how we can create more sustainable cities.

The other one is a storage stair. More at Torsten Ottesjö.

Stair of the week is for skinny people only
It's in a tiny 183 square foot apartment and I don't know where it goes.

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