A Soul Box in Arcadia, AKA a tiny house in Germany

view of shelter from exterior photo
© Allergutendinge

Sometimes, in this modern world, you just have to get away and think. Designers Allergutendinge write (and google translates:)

Due to the speed of today's digitized world of the dream is getting stronger for a new Arcadia. The need to step out of the private life and the company temporarily, is large in many people. The so widespread desire for retreats in the country but also in the midst of the city is currently becoming clear.

Matthias Prüger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrike Wetzel have designed a Seelenkiste, what google translates as a Soul Box, others translate as a Spirit Shelter. There are some very clever things going on that would be good lessons for tiny house builders. It would also make a terrific bunkie, those secondary buildings that cottagers build for extra accommodations. The most interesting aspect is how it works in section.

You get this very interesting sculptural form because of the way it cantilevers out for the bed and for the desk. But you also get real efficiency, building no more than you really need.

There is a lot of storage for such a small building, including a thick wall with a very clever alternating stepladder built right in. A folding table can disappear right into the wall.

It's a flatpack too. More at Allergutendinge, found on Small House Bliss.

A Soul Box in Arcadia, AKA a tiny house in Germany
There are some pretty wonderful things going on in this little structure.

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