Some like it Hütte Hut: the Tiffany of Teardrops

Hutte hut on the road
© Hutte Hut

I really don't know what to say about the , what Diana Budds at Fast Company calls "a veritable jewel box on wheels." It's 900 pounds of sustainably sourced marine plywood and baltic birch with an aluminum space frame and a canvas top. At $63,900, that's $71 per pound, or as the PSF gang might flip out at, that's $684 per square foot.

But as designers Brian and Katrina Manzo of Sprouting Sprocket Studio note, it's more than just a trailer. "Hütte Hut evolves the teardrop silhouette through architectural details that embrace both artisanal craftsmanship and computerized precision. " Brian tells Fast Company what we have known forever; the rich are different than you and me, and expect more than a leaky Thermarest under their bottoms.

We wanted to create a space that would have an emotive reaction and give you a new way of thinking about the outdoors. Escapism is so appealing for everyone, but the reality is accessing that escape is hard for some people. They've never camped before.

While the canvas top is lovely and lets the light diffuse through, I would tend not to leave this alone in the campground; the Tivoli radio and other expensive toys would be gone in sixty seconds. I would worry also in bear country; I am reminded of this Far Side cartoon.

On various sites that have shown this, commenters are outraged at the extravagance but it is a thing of beauty. What do you think? Instead of our usual Hot or Not poll, we offer:

Some like it Hütte Hut: the Tiffany of Teardrops
It's a thing of beauty but really expensive. Poll: Hütte or Nüts?

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