Some like it hut: Eco-shed of the the year is cute and accessible

ecoshed exterior
© Owl House via Readersheds

Tiny houses rule the internet in North America, but in the UK it's all about the shed. Their houses are smaller and their lots deeper to allow room for the outhouse, which became a great site for a shed. This year Uncle Wilco, who runs the Shed of the Year competition, is milking it for all its worth by dribbling out the winners week by week on a local TV show, Amazing Spaces. The first two winners include the entry in Eco-sheds, won by Tracy Lewis and her Owl House, built by Leonardo Alvarez. It's "made entirely from cob, recycled plywood, collected recycled glass bottles and has a grass living roof."

Cob is a mixture of earth, sand and straw, sometimes with a bit of lime to help hold it together. (read more about it in Mother Earth News)

Owner Tracy Lewis describes how her Owl House is fully accessible:

I am an artist & a paraplegic, wheelchair user, so both structures have been built with access in mind. As you can I am sure imagine, there are many places that I find impossible to visit due to lack of access which as a creator & and an artist I find so very frustrating. Both my builds prove that Eco buildings can be created with 'access' in mind without it having any effect on the character. I would like to open up my spaces up for other wheelchair users to enjoy, possibly in the future.

See lots more photos in this spread in the Liverpool Echo.

Yalte seasideLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

The Owl Shed reminds me of the Island tiny home built from bottles, bones and beach debris that I stayed in last week, designed and built by Netonia Yalte. They should submit it for shed of the year next time round.

The winner of the "Normal Shed" category was also announced, the Maid of Dekkin by Cormac Hawkins. Many, including me, are complaining that this is not a shed, it's a boat. He even says "it has a steering wheel, because it has an engine. It can be driven on water." That certainly is a whole different creature. Honestly, the whole thing has gone downhill since I was dumped as a judge.

We will be back when the overall winner is announced.

Some like it hut: Eco-shed of the the year is cute and accessible
It's the annual Shed of the Year competition and the first winners are announced.

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