Shed of the Year shortlist is wild and crazy this year

Disco Shed lit up
© Shed of the Year/ Disco Shed

The tiny house movement is just getting going in the States, but the shed has been big in the UK forever; perhaps it is the small houses, the damp basements, the deep lots with sheds where the outhouse used to be, or just the need for an outlet for all that energy and creativity. Sheds are such a bid deal that there is a Shed of the Year competition, that is always interesting; this year it is extraordinary. The short list was just announced; you can see them all on Wilco's site, but here are a few that I think deserve particular attention. The sheds are entered in different categories; I covered the eco-sheds here, so here are some of the others.

Normal Sheds: The Disco Shed

I have no idea why these are called normal, because they are anything but. Like the Disco Shed, which has a bit of history. I was a judge in the Shed of the Year competitions for a few years; in 2009 I thought the Disco Shed was the greatest thing I ever saw and thought it should win everything. Another judge claimed that it shouldn't even qualify as a shed. Anyhow it didn't win, I was dumped as a judge and have been sulking ever since.

Now a new updated version is back, and in the short list, and everyone is still having such a good time. Go Disco Shed!

Normal Shed: Titanic

Right. Tell me this is normal. Guy builds replica of the Titanic in great detail in a tin shed. Fills it with memorabilia. I hope he didn't put his address anywhere, this whole thing will be lifted up and carted away.

Incredible detail, I would love to eat there but the menu is seriously period, mutton chops and corned ox tongue. Read the whole menu on the Titanic

Garden office Shed: The Poki

This little garden office is truly pokey, you cannot even stand up in the 6'6" cube. However it is all made of recycled and upcycled materials, including a bench from a VW bus.

It also has the best English landscape painting I have ever seen on its wall and deserves a prize just for that. More at the Poki

Cabin/ Summerhouse shed: Toms Lodge

tom's lodge© Shed of the Year/ Tom's Lodge

Lets do the time warp again, with this incredible bit of hand-built tiny house goodness, In perfect Tudor style, although it is so small it should really be Onedor style. It has Oak timbers, lime plaster, lime wash, thatch roof, handmade leaded light diamond windows.

tom's lodge stair© Shed of the Year/ Tom's Lodge

They even made the stools, wooden plates and spoons. What a labour of love. More at Tom's Lodge

That is my list of non-eco favorites; See the new eco-sheds here and all the other short listed sheds here.

My sincere condolences to Andy Hope for not making it into the finals; It wasn't the prettiest shed, but he did such a great job of building a complete off grid self-sufficient shed for living, and I think deserves special mention.

Shed of the Year shortlist is wild and crazy this year
The original tiny house movement is an explosion of creativity, energy and detail.

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