The Napmobile is a multiple unit traveling tiny test bed for mattresses

interior napmobile
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We love tiny houses, mobile living and high density. Now we have them all together in the Casper Napmobile. Casper is a New York company that has reinvented the mattress and its marketing, using a team of designers from IDEO and NASA and to design it and going all modern webby to sell it. Now they are taking their story on the road, literally.

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They have designed this clever trailer that's touring the east coast so that people can give their mattresses a bounce. The design of the nap rooms look quite cosy with the tiny home loft type ceiling, although it seems to waste a lot of the trailer space. Also putting the mattresses so high in that octagon shape means they have to roll in big metal stair structures to get people up into it.

napmobile phone© Casper

I do like the phone.

closed doors for sleeping© Casper

Here it is all sealed up. I wonder how long they give you per nap.

I wondered whether I should be writing about a mattress is made of a topping of latex foam over a base of memory foam; In our post of a few years ago on How to Buy an Eco Friendly Mattress we wrote that memory foam was made from polyurethane and that you should "avoid memory foams if possible." The main problem was that most polyurethane foams used in mattresses are filled with flame retardants; However Casper mattresses are made from what's called CertiPUR-US foam, which is made without without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants. Instead, the mattress is enclosed in a fire-retardant knit sock:

The knit sock is made from a yarn that has a silica core and a polyester/acrylic/nylon/rayon wrap on it. It's a proprietary yarn from the supplier. The poly+ wrap chars when burned, and the silica core holds everything together so that a char barrier is formed, subduing flames. The yarn and the sock have no toxic chemicals or coatings. They are Oeko-Tex certified.

Oeko-Tex is a European standard that prohibits a wide range of chemicals and even "substances which according to current knowledge are harmful to health, but which are not yet regulated or prohibited by law".

Both standards appear pretty tough and thorough, so perhaps it is time to revisit our earlier comments about memory foam mattresses. However we still do not advise smoking in bed. Here's the Casper Napmobile schedule.

We do advise that this is a bad idea, having written that Your iPhone prevents you from getting a good night's sleep

The Napmobile is a multiple unit traveling tiny test bed for mattresses
Coming to an eastern US city near you.

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