Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB

OOd glass
© Anton Toomere for OOD

One of the most popular posts on TreeHugger ever was one on a mirrored treehouse hotel in Sweden; it totally broke our site. So with some trepidation I post herein the ÖÖD; it is a design out of Estonia for an instant prefab mirrored hotel room pod; just add to Airbnb and you are in business.

day in winter© Maris Tomba for OOD

ÖÖD hotel rooms are designed for short-term accommodation and intended for fast growing Airbnb and Booking.com markets. ÖÖD hotel rooms are sized as small houses, delivered to you as a complete set. The distinctive design of ÖÖD hotel rooms will help you maximise your return on investment.

OOD interior© OOD

It is plug and play, coming with everything you need.

ÖÖD is convenient to manage for its lessor – functions such as temperature, lights and locks are adjustable remotely. The interior design of ÖÖD puts the customers comfort first. The room is furnished with custom made bed, carefully chosen mattress, pillows, adjustable lights, fast internet connection, large touch screen for the ultimate movie night experience, Bose sound system, adjustable floor heating, well chosen books, sound isolation, etc.


And why is this on TreeHugger? because no doubt it could be applied to other uses, and it is quite well designed to some pretty green and slick specifications. The 10' x 20' box has walls insulated with 8" of mineral wool, while the glass has a really good metric U-value of 1.1 W/m²K, which by my rough calculation is around R-10 in the usual BTUs per hour per square foot. There is an air to air heat pump and hot water heater.

plan© OOD

They do make it sound so easy, but it does need six posts, a sewer, septic system or tank, along with water, electricity and internet. That can be hard to do and expensive for a little cabin out on its own. But as an accessory building, or if you bought a few of them, it is not so bad. And if your land happens to be in Estonia (which right now is the only place they sell it) you don't need a building permit.

interior© OOD

It is a lovely little unit that would work well as a little cottage, bunkie or even tiny home; According to Lucy Wang in Inhabitat, It costs US$ 65,000 inclusive of value added tax.

rear of OOD© OOD

End of unit© Maris Tomba for OOD

In our original post on the mirrored treehouse, the first comment was negative: "This tree house will undoubtedly kill hundreds of birds as they cannot perceive the difference between the reflected environment and the real environment. A green building is not truly green if it kills wildlife. " On Curbed, Jenny Xie looks at all that mirrored glass in this model and asks:

What about the birdies? In this case, ÖÖD has stated that it’s working with a local specialist on tactics to keep birds away. The method that has been successful so far is installing artificial eagles on the roof (which do not seem visible from these photos and would foreseeably detract from the structure’s clean lines.) “From September 2016 there have not been any dead birds yet,” the company writes.

corner in winter© Maris Tomba for OOD

Lots more photos on Inhabitat and at ÖÖD.

Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB
We get all glassy-eyed just looking at it.

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