The Lucky Penny: A small home in one tiny co-housing community (Video)

Whether it's a modernist gem or a gypsy-styled vardo, it's a delight to see tiny homes that deviate away from the "typical" tiny house floor plan and ditch the gable roof.

Measuring 100.3 square feet, this is a ultra-tiny home, created and inhabited by Portland, Oregon tiny house designer Lina Menard of Niche Consulting, who lived in a series of small spaces and even a yurt before finally building her own tiny home, which she has dubbed The Lucky Penny. Watch as she gives Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey a tour:

The interior space of Lina's home is well-lit and feels incredibly spacious, thanks to a ceiling that is not interrupted by a sleeping loft. Light streams in from an 8-foot long skylight above, and from the large, beautiful windows to the rear and sides of the home, adding an elegance to the space. Storage is found in the lovely, stepped chest of Japanese drawers, called a tansu, in addition to the overhead cabinets.

Tiny House Giant JourneyTiny House Giant Journey/Video screen capture
Tiny House Giant JourneyTiny House Giant Journey/Video screen capture

Touches of copper accents are all over the place: there's a copper sink, copper accessories, copper Alupanel in the shower -- all living up to the name "Lucky Penny." The shower, which uses a garden hose hookup, is located right in the entryway -- strange, but it keeps the main space open. The living area does feel like one large, multifunctional space.

Tiny House Giant JourneyTiny House Giant Journey/Video screen capture

There is currently no toilet in Lina's home, since her home is parked in the backyard of a larger house. She uses the bathroom and cooks her meals inside the big house, as do some of the other residents here. Lina and a few other tiny housers are part of Simply Home, a nascent tiny cohousing community right here in this large backyard that shares resources and land.

Tiny House Giant JourneyTiny House Giant Journey/Video screen capture

Lina's home is a great example of how some creative design ideas can create the feeling of spaciousness and height, despite a small footprint and the lack of a sleeping loft. Not only that, Lina and The Lucky Penny are part of an intentional community of tiny house enthusiasts, aiming to live more simply by sharing and working together -- an admirable endeavour. We'll be covering the Simply Home Community soon -- but in the meantime, check out more photos of the Lucky Penny over at Tiny House Giant Journey, and Lina Menard's blog, This Is The Little Life, and her company, Niche Consulting.

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