Kengo Kuma designs a tiny trailer for Snow Peak

Kengo Kuma Cabin
© Kengo Kuma via Designboom

Snow Peak is like the Rolex of camping equipment, all durable and beautiful and expensive. Kengo Kuma is a talented architect who does wonders with wood, and has said that architecture is like sushi:

Sushi is a good metaphor for my architecture. The importance in sushi is to choose the best material from the place, in season. If the journey of the ingredients is too long, the taste of the sushi is compromised. That is a problem that can't be solved by modern technology, and that programme of using local material in season is the secret of good taste, and the secret of my style.

Now he has designed this tiny home/ trailer for Snow Peak, laying out plywood on the walls like tatami mats on the floors of a traditional Japanese house. Designboom writes that it is a work in progress:

Despite its small and sparse design, Kengo Kuma uses a combination of wood paneling to invoke a warm and welcoming interior. the series of windows can be opened outwards or closed completely – making the envelope of the trailer completely flush and appear as a timber box. As the project is in its early stages, the next steps will see more elements and utilities being integrated.

snow peak camping gear photo

The next steps should be really interesting. Years ago I saw Snow Peak's camping furniture at ICFF in New York and thought, what more do you need? It had cooking and seating and everything you needed. I wrote:

... as our lifestyles become more mobile and our homes become smaller, furniture that is light, minimal and can be folded up when it isn't needed makes some sense. The stuff is beautifully made and looked as good as much of the more conventional furniture.

Think of the interior of this trailer as a camp site, setting up what you need when you need it. Throw a futon on that raised section for sleep. The only thing we have to figure out is the bathroom.

And it all seals up, the tables turning into shutters, which is really brilliant. Lots more photos at Designboom.

Kengo Kuma designs a tiny trailer for Snow Peak
It's a wooden wonder of minimalism

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