Jasper Morrison designs a tiny house made from cork

Muji Hut morrison
© Muji via Spoon and Tamago

TreeHugger recently showed two of the three tiny homes designed for MUJI and shown during Tokyo Design Week; Here's number three, a little number designed by London designer Jasper Morrison.

It's made out of timber and cork, one of TreeHugger's favorite building materials. Cork is all natural, fire resistant, insulating and long-lasting. It is not only totally renewable, but the cork industry in Portugal actually preserves the environment from the usual predator, holiday housing, and saves it for the Iberian Lynx and the short toed eagle. The cork forests are also a vital carbon sink, storing as many as 10m tonnes of CO2 every year.

The designer is quoted in design site Spoon and Tamago:

“Whenever I think about going to the country for the weekend, I start imagining a small house with everything needed for a short stay,” says Jasper Morrison. “The dream usually collapses when I think of the complexity of building a new house, but with this project I realized there was a chance to design such a house as a product rather than a one-off.”

Of the three, compared to the wood hut and the aluminum hut, this cork hut is probably the most practical, with its efficient and comfy kitchen and a bathroom in the corner. It is also, frankly, the least interesting architecturally. But did I mention it's made of cork?

Here were the other two, for comparison; read about them here.

Jasper Morrison designs a tiny house made from cork
The third MUJI hut is made from our favorite renewable material.

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