Japanese house has a walkway for cats

TreeHugger has shown many examples of where people live on top of the shop, which has been common since there were shops in the first place. Dezeen shows a lovely little house in Japan, where Tokyo designers Do Do have created a lovely office for a graphic designer, with a small but very efficient apartment above. It also just happens to have a special bridge for the cat.

office with cat bridge photo© DO do via Dezeen

"The husband, who is a cat-owner, hoped his house to be creative both for his work and cat, and my aim was to create a comfortable living space in this busy district of Tokyo", the architect tells Dezeen.

Architect Mark Hogan notes that the cat bridge is probably superfluous.

CTS© Because We Can

I personally prefer the CTS (Cat Transit System) built by Jillian and Jeffrey. See other catitecture in related links below.

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