Hut news: MUJI's long-promised hut hits the market

Muji hut evening

MUJI has shown a few prototype designs for tiny houses before, but now they are finally offering this lovely little design that they call the MUJI HUT. It can in fact be just about anything; at 9 square meters (97 square feet) it sneaks under most building codes and zoning bylaws and could be used as a home office or studio or even guest room in the back yard.

hut interior photo© MUJI

The introduction describes their vision:

Who hasn’t dreamt of living somewhere they really want to be? The tools to make that dream a reality are now available. It’s not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip. Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life. This was the vision behind our radically new MUJI Hut concept.

Of course you still need land, which is problematic.

rear of hut© MUJI

The hut is clad in our favorite material, shou sugi ban, or burnt cedar. The interior is cypress veneer plywood, and it is insulated with polystyrene foam, not our favorite material. They do not say how much insulation there is. Windows are single glazed, which is disappointing; it gets cold in the mountains and in northern Japan.

interior with bed photo© MUJI

The floor is poured concrete, which complicates installation. But it has its benefits: "It provides strength and guards against ground moisture. The mortar floor surface is left as is. Even in dirt-prone environments, the floor can be used freely like an earthen floor. Since the floor surface is nice and smooth, cleaning is easy, and flooring or rugs can be laid anywhere to suit your taste."

daytime shot muji hut© MUJI

The ¥ 3,000,000 price (US$ 27,000 but alas, at this time it is available in Japan only) is turnkey, including all materials including slab, installation contractor, and even consumption tax.

It is a beautiful, well proportioned and right-sized design that fit in a lot of gardens and work as a bunkie, or even a tiny house. I do hope that they will consider flat-packing and exporting it. More at MUJI

Muji plans© MUJI

Hut news: MUJI's long-promised hut hits the market
It's beautiful, minimal and can go just about anywhere.

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