Horse trailer transformed into maximalist tiny home

horse trailer conversion
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This tiny home on wheels brings to mind an ornate Victorian train car ... and is on the market for $16,000.

We have seen all manner of things-on-wheels turned into tiny homes, from vans to school busses and even an ambulance. And of course, no shortage of trailers. But this converted horse trailer seen over at Tiny House Listings stands out for a few reasons ... not the least of which is that all-out interior! Let's take a little tour.

At six feet wide and 18 feet long, the total square footage of this former horse trailer rings in at 108. You can see that the builders added a bump-out that helps to accommodate the surprisingly large bed. There are a lot of windows that bring the light in and make the space feel larger. The shingles give it a homey feel, and decorative flourishes are foreshadowing for what one will discover inside.

Here you can see the "almost King size bed" that comes with a memory foam mattress and large storage area underneath.

Pulling back from the bedroom, you can see it more in context. There is a counter and tucked-in stools on the left for work or eating, and a kitchen area on the right. Not a chef's kitchen, mind you – but there is a wine cabinet, sink, small refrigerator, and a one-burner hot plate that can be stowed away when not in use.

Turning around to view the other side, you can see the eating bar – the small ledge above is the perfect way to maximize the space by making it two tiers. You can also see the soft seating area, which might be able to serve as a sleeping nook. It also provides storage underneath.

Above you can see more of the kitchen area, and a credenza with shelves. A credenza! Without the decorative pieces here, the unit could easily serve as more counter space should one want to spread out in the kitchen. It is a surprising piece of furniture to see in a tiny home, but hey, why not?

We may be at peak minimalism, which is why seeing an interior so chock-a-block with pattern and decor is almost startling. But not everyone wants hipster serenity, and I have a feeling we are heading for a minimalism backlash anyway. If one's heart desires, why not deck out a tiny home in lavish accoutrements worthy of a Victorian train car?

As for livability, the trailer is insulated and has a ceramic heater; and an air conditioner for summer months. The portable toilet and lack of shower may prove challenging for some, depending on their needs. But the trailer is currently in Florida, so maybe a solar or outdoor shower or tub would work. Likewise, as a camping trailer, guest cottage, or AirBNB rental, a nearby shower would be sufficient.

So what do you think? This actually isn't the first horse trailer conversion we have seen; this horse trailer converted into an 80-square-foot "people trailer" manages to get a small bathroom in ... but there's no credenza or ormolu clock, where's the fun in that?

For more information, visit Tiny House Listings.

Horse trailer transformed into maximalist tiny home
This tiny home on wheels brings to mind an ornate Victorian train car ... and is on the market for $16,000.

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