Homegrown Trailers "roam freely, tread lightly"

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Tiny houses are usually built on trailer chassis, but they make lousy trailers; they are heavy and they have the aerodynamics of a brick.

But other than the fact that they do not look like cute little tiny houses, there is a lot to be said in praise of trailers, and a lot to be learned from them. They are more practical than tiny houses because they can go in a lot more places, like RV and trailer parks where tiny houses are often not welcome. They are comparatively easy to move, and if they are like these Homegrown Trailers, they are really green and sustainable. Homegrown says they "combine the beauty and lifestyle of tiny houses with the mobility of campers."

Cofounder Eric Gertsman tells Sunset Magazine that “more people are getting out into nature, and they’re making smarter decisions when the travel. We what to help them find adventure in a responsible way.”

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In trailers, that means reducing fuel consumption, by being light and having a teardrop shape that reduces drag. The Home Grown trailer has a pop-up roof to get more headroom when parked, a “hard-sided component that raises to max 6’5” indoor headroom and drops down for aerodynamic travel; made from sustainably-sourced wood and wool insulation; lifting assistance by high-performance gas struts”

It is also off-grid capable with 400 watts of solar panels on the roof, with 2400 watt-hours of lithium batteries. This is upgradable to 800 watts worth of panels and a 6000 watt-hours of storage.

Unlike many trailers and RVs, it does not use propane for fridge and stove, but goes with induction range and mini Energy Star rated fridge; perhaps it is a good idea to order the extended off grid package with bigger batteries if you are going to do a lot of cooking.

Materials are all sustainably sourced maple and poplar, insulated with wool and with cork floors.

There is what looks like a Nature’s Head urine separating composting toilet with a roll down blind for privacy, located inches from the double bed, a design element I am not exactly crazy about.

But otherwise, there is a lot of smart design in a small package. The price seems reasonable too, starting at US$ 32,500 all in with solar, mattresses, appliances and composting toilet.

Obviously, a travel trailer is a very different thing than a tiny house. It doesn’t have a climbing wall. But it seems to me that if one is going to live in a small space, that it might be nice to be so mobile and aero, to be able do what they say in their motto, “roam freely, tread lightly.”

Homegrown Trailers "roam freely, tread lightly"
This pop-up teardrop is light and green. Is it more logical than a tiny house?

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