Egg-shaped Escape Pod is a flexible small space for work & play

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Whether it's a guest cabin, an office shed or a backyard studio, we love tiny structures that are flexible and can be used to work from home or host a guest comfortably, without too much fuss.

That seems to be the intent behind the Escape Pod by British company Podmakers, which depending upon the configuration, can be made into a place for guests to sleep, or a place to set up a home office, or a place to socialize or meditate in the garden.

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Designed by Dominic Ash and Jeremy Fitter -- whose diverse experiences include creating Quaker furniture, treehouses and restoring boats -- the distinctive ellipsoid-shaped unit is made out of birch ply and European oak, and covered in cedar shingles to allow it to blend into any natural environment.

Placed on a slightly elevated platform, the Pod has a aircraft style plug door that really gives the impression you are sealed off once you step up and go inside. Once in, one's view is lifted up through the central skylight, a crowning touch that not only lights up the whole space, but also allows one to track the passage of the sun without going outside.

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The designers say that the interior is adaptable, and can be customized in terms of window placement, electrical outlets, finishes, heating via woodstove or radiant underfloor heating, built-in benches, tables and so on.

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Podmakers© Podmakers
Podmakers© Podmakers

There are so many tiny prefab designs out there that it's hard to choose a favourite, but the main draw here is the Escape Pod's non-orthogonal shape: the lack of corners gives a feeling of continuity and centred-ness that feels reassuring and well-placed. Prices start at £19,800 (USD $26,445), the Escape Pod can be either prefabricated and transported, or completely assembled on-site, depending on the particular requirements. For more information, visit Podmakers.

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