Eco-shed wins the Shed of the Year competition

© Readersheds/ the winner in front of the West Wing

I was once asked to be a judge of the Shed of the Year competition, and my choice did not win; some pub shed did. I was not asked back, grumpy TreeHugger that I am. The annual competition has a number of categories, including eco, pubs, cabins, summer houses, workshops and "unique" where they simply don't fit any other category. Eco-sheds did not usually win (though one did in 2014); the judges seemed particularly fond of pub sheds over the years.

This year the West Wing, an eco-shed did actually win, and it is a lovely thing.

west wing passage© Readersheds/ secret passage
The West Wing, a family-friendly labour of love over eight years, has three separate sections including a spacious loft which as an area to sleep and wind down, a large workshop space for ‘shedworking’ and a secret bookcase that reveals a hidden room for the kids to enjoy. The eco-friendly shed, with its warm and cozy charm, is a quirky getaway at the bottom of the garden.

loft© Readersheds/ living and loft

While the West Wing is certainly eco in its use of recycled materials and its green roof, I found it hard to think of it as a shed; it is bigger than many apartments I have been in. But it is lovely, It was certainly the nicest of the eco-sheds this year, and I still love Kevin Herbert's great quote about its construction:

It is in three sections,largest part is for me, it has a bed in loft space and an area to relax and escape my four kids (love them really) second part is through secret bookcase for my ten and 11 year olds to sleep and play and the last part is for storage and workshop.

west wing front© Readersheds

My shed is made from 90% recycled materials, It is a project that has taken me 8 years to build (health reasons,won't bore you) the roof is wild turf but because of angle I used 400 milk cartons cut in half, which took a year to collect, popped holes in and layered bottom with shingle for drainage. The two tonnes of soil and turf plopped on top. My kids helped me, a lot good fun . A man needs a shed.

Indeed he does. More on Readershed.

Eco-shed wins the Shed of the Year competition
It's only the second time that the treehugger types get the big prize

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