Buy the Dusky Parakeet, an (almost) tiny house that floats

Dusky Parakeet
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Currently moored in London's St. Katharine Docks, this lovely modern houseboat is on the market for £290,000.

There are homes “on” the water, and then there are homes that are really, on the water. The Dusky Parakeet is one of the latter, and it’s currently listed for sale at Aucoot. And someone around here (me) is now trying to figure out how to come up with £290,000 ($378,044 as of today) and move herself to London.

Coming in at 470-square-feet (exceeding the tiny home maximum of 400 square feet by a bit) this almost-tiny home was designed and built within the framework of a 60-foot-long (12-foot-wide) canal boat.

Deluxe Interior

While the Parakeet is currently moored in London's St. Katharine Docks and looks a bit more industrial than her neighbors, her dusky low-slung profile belies a fully deluxe interior. Here's what's going on inside.

According to 31/44 Architects, the firm who is responsible for the design, the interior materials were "specifically chosen to enhance the sense of space and to resolve the more awkward geometries of the boat shell, while giving the feel of a contemporary apartment." The curved ceiling is lined in white-washed tongue-and-groove Douglas Fir, while "the extra wide timber flooring planks enhance the sense of generosity and calm." Below, facing aft and forward, respectively.


The galley (kitchen) has some nice touches. The doors and counter are made of recycled material by Smile Plastics; in this case, a fun take on Carrera marble that is actually comprised of old yogurt containers, including silver flecks from the foil lids. Hidden within is a washing machine, Meile dishwasher, gas hob, and oven.

The cabinetry is made from waxed black Valchromat, a wood wood fiber panel product that is kind of like a next generation MDF. It's low-VOC, made of postindustrial pine wood chips, is recyclable, colored with organic dyes, and checks off other assorted TreeHugger boxes as well. In the photos below you can see how it is used to create the pull-out pantry cabinets; with the door closed, the stateroom (bedroom) has increased privacy.

Clever Storage Fills Living Space

Looking in the other direction, toward the stern, the living space boasts all kinds of tiny-house storage. Plus, there is a television hidden behind the panel to the right of the door. Perfect for those of us who pretend not to watch TV.

Comfortable Head

Between the galley and the stateroom is a comfy-looking head, with a full shower. And for all of the toilet geeks out there (yet not pictured here, alas), a Cinderella gas incinerating loo (which you can read all about here: The hot poop on the Cinderella incinerating toilet).


Moving on to the king-sized stateroom, you will note that it's not A) like the head-bumping loft boudoir of many a tiny home and B) not the stuffy forward berth of many a boat. Bonus points for portholes and a door that leads out to the stern deck. Oh, and a full-size wardrobe.

While London dockside would suit me pretty well for a while, if your houseboat dreams are more nomadic in nature, the Parakeet comes with a shiny brand-new engine to take you where you want to go. And if that place happens to be a bit remote, the 500-liter water storage tank and solar panels will allow the boat to run 100 percent off grid. It has a fully insulated hull, double glazing, and underfloor heating … and even comes equipped with a fully integrated Nest system, because of course.

Visit Aucoot for more details ... and to make an offer, if I don't beat you to it.

Buy the Dusky Parakeet, an (almost) tiny house that floats
Currently moored in London's St. Katharine Docks, this lovely modern houseboat is on the market for £290,000.

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