Craftsman Gareth Neal has designed a beautiful Bothy and filled it with beautiful things

Bothy in Snow
© The Bothy Project

Kiwis have their bach; Swedes their Friggebod; Scots also have a little cabin, the bothy, described in the Globe and Mail by Ellen Himelfarb as "old Scottish term for a small shelter or cabin – something off-grid, in today’s parlance." This one is designed by Gareth Neal, one of three in The Bothy Project.

The Bothy Project is a network of small-scale, off-grid art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations around Scotland and beyond. Our objective is to create platforms for artists to journey and explore the peculiarities of the history, mythology, landscape and people in the areas surrounding the bothies. These platforms will be established through the creation of purpose built structures made in collaboration with visual artists, musicians and writers to create a network of bespoke small-scale dwellings. TBP is committed to using sustainable, innovative materials and natural building techniques to create simple, modern designs.

Neal is showing a slice of his bothy in London in an exhibition on Mindful Living, along with his selection of ten objects by British designers that he would take to the bothy, that Himelfarb describes as "more eco-based than ego-based." A proponent of mindful living, or what we have called minimalist living, Neal tells Himelfarb “I’ve reduced life to the essence of the things we cherish and make us feel good. It’s something we’re missing in the modern world.” Read more in the Globe and Mail.

The Inshriach Bothy is a beautiful thing, clad in corrugated steel and lined in plywood.

The Bothy is comfortable and warm, insulated with sheep’s wool and heated using a wood-burning stove. Facilities include a library, desk, mezzanine double bed, kitchenette, wood-burning stove with oven, rainwater harvesting system, outdoor suspended bag shower heated by stove, composting toilet (deluxe), solar panel lighting system, solar panel phone charger, and a solar/wind-up radio and torch.

It was fabricated at the Edinburgh Sculpture workshop as a flatpack panelized structure and then assembled on site. The artists who have occupied it have blogged extensively about their stays there; I particularly like the schedule planned by a group of musicians who occupied it last January:

Lots more at the Bothy Project.

Craftsman Gareth Neal has designed a beautiful Bothy and filled it with beautiful things
Bothy is Scots for Tiny house in the country

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